Sweet Kisses


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A stable of songs about love and lost love. “Final Heartbreak” bops about a girl wanting to treat a guy right. Simpson credits God with sending her a soulmate (“My Wonderful”). She also values faith, trust and caring in romantic friendships (“Your Faith in Me”). On “Heart of Innocence,” Simpson promises to remain a virgin for the man of her dreams (presumably her future husband). “Woman in Me” emphasizes inner beauty. The hit “I Wanna Love You Forever” pledges lifelong love to a partner.

Objectionable Content

Minor. Lines like “I want you/You have turned me on” and “I bring the lover out of you” could be interpreted as sexual. Infatuation passes for true love.

Summary Advisory

This effervescent, 19-year-old newcomer bounces from R&B-tinged pop (à la Mariah Carey) to Britney Spears bubble-gum. She even borrows the backbeat from an old John Cougar hit. With a little “parental clarification,” teens should be able to enjoy Sweet Kisses.

Bob Waliszewski
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