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Bob Waliszewski

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Seventy-two minutes of jubilant, God-honoring praise. Vibrant explosions of spiritual ecstasy characterize “Stomp” and “It’s Rainin’.” “More Than I Can Bear,” “He Will Take the Pain Away” and “My Life Is in Your Hands” express trust in the Lord as a faithful Friend waiting to guide us through life’s storms. Other songs ponder God’s devout affection for His children (“Love”), thank Christ for going to the cross (“So Good”) and revel in the change Jesus can make in a person’s life (“You Are the Only One,” “Sweet Spirit”). On “Faith,” Franklin reminds listeners that, with God, they can accomplish the impossible and see the invisible.

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Kirk Franklin’s earlier projects featured The Family. Here, he’s supported by God’s Property-with the same edifying result. Passionate, choir-backed gospel soul and in-your-face R&B grooves drive home the joy of knowing Jesus. A terrific mainstream hit!

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