Machine Fish


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Facing the unknown with confidence is the subject of “Fear Not.” The singer cries out to God for help in overcoming anxiety (“Stress”) and assails worldly solutions to life’s problems that ignore the Almighty (“Idle Minds”). “9th of June” exposes as charlatans those who set specific dates for Christ’s return. Reminiscent of Romans 7:14-22, “The Struggle” describes the inner battle waged within a person contemplating a decision between right and wrong. “Psychotic Companion” takes a swipe at Psychic Friends and other telephone astrologers. On “Easy to Love,” a man praises someone special “sent down from above.” The Cowboys seize pride and ego by the throat on “Pattin’ Yourself on the Back.”

Objectionable Content


Summary Advisory

Solid messages throughout. While this mainstream band’s raw sound may rage too wildly at times to meet some families’ standards, households already fluent in the language of heavy metal will find Machine Fish to be a light in a very dark genre.

Bob Waliszewski
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