The Colour and the Shape


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

The singer is happy to be reunited with a love (“Up in Arms”). He longs for relational healing on “See You,” telling the one-time object of his frustration, “I’m done resenting you.”

Objectionable Content

More problems here than on the band’s last project. Harsh profanities (including the f-word) make an occasionally angry album seem that much nastier. “Hey, Johnny Park!” includes the selfish sentiment, “Now that I’ve found my reward, I’d throw it away long before I’d share a piece of mine with you.” Whining self-destructiveness and misery dominate “My Poor Brain.” On “Everlong,” the artist is invited to “waste away” with a woman of questionable sanity. Though vague, “Monkey Wrench” could be interpreted as the frustrations of a teen whose parents refuse to accept his homosexuality.

Summary Advisory

Fronted by Dave Grohl (formerly of Nirvana), this band has gotten darker and more profane since its last release. Parents may wish to redirect teens to CCM alternatives Plankeye and Grammatrain.

Bob Waliszewski
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