Whitey Ford Sings the Blues


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Two songs suggest that careless or unwise actions carry consequences.

Objectionable Content

“What It’s Like” alludes to smoking dope, spouts the f-word and defends abortion as a valid option for unmarried women facing unplanned pregnancies. On “Painkillers,” a depressed, weed-toking paraplegic determines, “Gotta kill these pains or blow out my brains” (implying a “quality-of-life” worldview). Frequent profanity includes a weaving together of “Amazing Grace” with the s-word on “Praise the Lord.” Other tracks refer to a year-old child smoking marijuana (“Death Comes Callin'”), sex and alcohol (“Funky Beat”) a ménage à trois (“7 Years”) and the hedonism available to those with “Money.” Four songs feature violent threats, including, “I want to make that man bleed” and “I’ll break that spine and then maybe your face.”

Summary Advisory

Formerly the frontman for House of Pain, Everlast the solo artist peddles the same old junk: drugs, violence, sexual perversion and profanity. Whitey Ford strikes out.

Bob Waliszewski
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