The Memory of Trees


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Hope Has a Place” assures listeners that life is not dreary and hollow, especially when love is present. Enya acknowledges that there’s a heaven and sweetly recalls her favorite days (“On My Way Home”). “Anywhere Is” suggests that the search for life’s answers “should be one direction” rather than “either this or that way”-a truth supported by John 14:6, however . . .

Objectionable Content

. . . When Enya wonders if the “stars sign the life that is to be mine,” it seems like a reference to astrological predestination. Equally ambiguous, “China Roses” speaks of being led by the moon.

Summary Advisory

Enya’s rich instrumentation and soothing vocals make for enjoyable background listening. Even so, this gifted artist’s spiritual references, as vague as they are, may be too equivocal for many families (its unconventional sound simultaneously sent it to number 1 on the New Age album chart). The Celtic band Iona provides a solid Christian alternative in the same musical vein.

Bob Waliszewski
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