Under the Table and Dreaming


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Satellite” ponders the phenomenon of instant media and cultural voyeurism (“Someone’s secrets you’ve seen . . . Satellite dish in my yard, tell me more”). A friend is invited to share her troubles on the optimistic “The Best of What’s Around.”

Objectionable Content

Life reflects little meaning or purpose on “Dancing Nancies.” “Ant’s Marching” is equally pessimistic as it explores relational miscommunication. As a “remedy [for] feelin’ low,” Matthews says, “I take a drink, sit back, relax, smoke my mind make me feel better for a small time” (“Jimi Thing”). Although the artist wishes he didn’t drink and smoke, life’s trials leave him with a death wish and a drug habit on “Rhyme & Reason,” making it hard to tell if the tune is condemning or promoting substance abuse.

Summary Advisory

Sharp instrumental work. It’s a shame Matthews’ artsy blues rock, cryptic lyrics and tortured vocals dwell mostly on dark themes. Teens should keep Under the Table out of the stereo.

Bob Waliszewski
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