Stand Up


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Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“You Might Die Trying” warns that playing it safe in life is a risk in itself and changing the world starts with one small step. A murderous choice leads to deep remorse and repentance (“Hello Again”). On “Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)” the singer recalls simpler days and an innocent first kiss. Songs also applaud our nation’s resilience (“American Baby”) and pledge support to a woman (“Steady as We Go”). Although it condemns greedy world leaders …

Objectionable Content

“Dreamgirl” repeats the line, “After a good drunk you and me wake up and make love.” An isolated line recalls youthful tobacco use. After watching his father abuse a girl, a boy and his friends plot to kill the man vigilante style (“Louisiana Bayou”). “Hunger for the Great Light” overtly blends sex and spirituality, repeatedly calling orgasms the “great light of love.” Gun-toting authorities pursue a young man caught in a forbidden romance on “Smooth Rider” (“Yo daddy caught me sneaking out yo bed”). “Stand Up (For It)” uses drug metaphors and alludes to a naked “angel in my bed.”

Summary Advisory

God. Death. Sex. Politics. Nuggets of inspiration and love must compete with celebrations of intoxication and stimulation. Stand Up mixes light and darkness as effortlessly as Matthews segues between folk and funk.

Bob Smithouser
Marcus Yoars
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