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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A sense of optimism permeates “Change.” “He Calls Home” identifies with the troubled existence of the homeless. Amid raw language, the singer rejects drugs on “You” while pledging loyalty to a friend.

Objectionable Content

The dismal “Don’t You” propagates hopelessness. Despite romantic sentiments early, “Blossom” deteriorates into hateful domination (“You will feel the hate I breed/ you’re under me/you will feel the pain I want to bring”). Also, obscenities (including the f-word) punctuate lyrics on numerous tracks-even songs with reasonably praiseworthy themes.

Summary Advisory

This debut disc has a few redeeming elements, but the band’s explicit, gratuitous use of profanity far overshadows them. Snuff out requests for Candlebox.

Bob Waliszewski
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