Hard Workin’ Man


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

On “She Used to Be Mine,” Dunn accepts responsibility for a failed relationship and makes his pain an example of the consequence of not treating a woman well.

Objectionable Content

Several of these tunes, including “Heartbroke Out of My Mind” and “Mexican Minute,” mention drinking as a way to escape reality or kill pain. On the title cut, a week’s pay is spent to secure the company of a “weekend beauty.” Elsewhere, Brooks desires a woman who “acts like Madonna, but she listens to Merle (Haggard)” (“Rock My World Little Country Girl”). Not a single mention of solid, meaningful relationships.

Summary Advisory

This popular country duo promotes a wild, often irresponsible lifestyle that includes plenty of alcohol and barroom flirtation. With all the positive country acts charting these days, teens can afford to “boot scoot” past this one.

Bob Waliszewski
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