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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Although bathed in relational dysfunction, “Asthenia,” “Always,” “I’m Lost Without You” and “Down” want to see conflict resolved. “Go” rails against men who abuse women “trapped” in bad situations, but …

Objectionable Content

Those very personal reflections also contain the s-word. Alcohol anesthetizes a broken heart on “Violence” (“Six bottles went down the drain/One hour’s waste of time … One drink and the pain goes down”). The haunting “I Miss You” finds the singer yearning for a dark girl from the morgue of his nightmares. The f-word is used to describe sexual encounters (“Obvious,” “Feeling This”), and shows up several more times as a bitter expletive (“Here’s Your Letter”). While he may be speaking metaphorically, a paranoid man gives in to hopelessness on “Stockholm Syndrome” (“It’s too late to save me … I dread the moment when you finally come to kill me”).

Summary Advisory

This self-titled disc isn’t as intolerably juvenile as the band’s past efforts, but Blink-182 has yet to outgrow blunt, raw language that demands a warning label. Of course, even without the obscenities, fans would still be left with sexual situations, alcohol abuse and a heavy dose of lyrical angst.

Bob Waliszewski
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