Walking Off the Buzz


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

On “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me),” the singer rejoices that his girl is genuinely attracted to him, flaws and all, and expresses an unconditional affinity for her as well (“I like her for her/Not because she’s phat like Cindy Crawford”). Trying to patch up a bad romance is the subject of “If She Couldn’t Sleep” and “What Have I Got to Lose.” “The Last Day” and “Standing at the Edge of the Earth” put a positive spin on heartache. A repentant man tells his long-term love that he’ll make up for lost time by demonstrating caring and tenderness (“The Rest of My Life”). By painting a dismal picture of life on “South Hampton Avenue”—endless nights of zoning out in front of the TV and inhaling nicotine to quell depression—the band challenges fans to aspire to something greater.

Objectionable Content

A mild profanity mars “The Last Day.”

Summary Advisory

The Buzz of the title has nothing to do with a drug-induced high. In fact, lead singer Eliot Sloan prides himself on vocalizing an extremely “positive lyrical vibe.” Indeed. Once again, a Blessid CD worth applauding.

Bob Waliszewski
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