Anthology 2


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Nearly a dozen songs espouse upbeat sentiments about love and romance, even in cases where a relationship is struggling. “Help” and “Got to Get You Into My Life” confess the need to rely on others for support. Other tunes value people over material possessions (“And Your Bird Can Sing,” “If You’ve Got Trouble”). Fly-on-the-wall songs such as “Penny Lane” and “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” honor the daily activities of common people.

Objectionable Content

Most notably a smattering of Eastern religious influences and subtle drug references. Alcohol is consumed on “Norwegian Wood” and “Rock and Roll Music.” “I Am the Walrus” pokes fun at a “pornographic princess.” One profanity pops up.

Summary Advisory

This double-disc (128 minutes of music) scored a number-1 debut. Not as solid as Anthology 1, but this second of three compilations avoids the blatant promotion of vice so common in today’s music. More good stuff than problems. Still, use discretion.

Bob Waliszewski
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