Everything to Everyone


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

A single mom past her dating prime is valued on “Maybe Katie.” The need to have a precious-metal soul and not just a showy exterior is the focus of “Aluminum.” A guy in love, yet plagued by irrational doubt, asks his woman to be patient on the country-flavored “For You.” “Upside Down” finds the singer sick of fame and the complications it brings to romance. Upon learning that his girl is two-timing him, a man resists the temptation to fight the other guy (“Take It Outside”). With tongue planted in cheek, the band tweaks unbridled consumerism by prescribing “Shopping” as the cure for life’s problems. Still …

Objectionable Content

Some listeners may not get the joke. Beyond its possible nod to reincarnation, “Next Time” views regrets such as failing to kiss a girl as serious sins of omission. How “War on Drugs” ultimately feels about suicide is unclear, but its descriptions of it could paint a dangerously romantic picture for someone considering it. That track also includes the hopeless line, “They say that Jesus and mental health/Are just for those who can help themselves.” Liner art includes female breast nudity. “Celebrity” is marred by a crass sexual reference.

Summary Advisory

Most of Everything’s 15 cuts are innocuous, nonsensical or both. But there’s no getting around a few issues, most notably an ambiguous song about suicide that dismisses Christ as unhelpful to hurting souls.

Bob Waliszewski
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