Who Let the Dogs Out


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Encouragement and a call to persevere are central to “You Can Get It” (“If the fire’s in your heart, every day’s a brand new start”). “It’s All in the Mind” urges listeners to reject conventional wisdom and diligently seek truth. Women at a party stand their ground in the face of playful taunts by asking “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Objectionable Content

A line on “It’s All in the Mind” implies that tangible reality is more reliable than faith in the unseen (“Believe what you see, not what you hear”). In the midst of complimenting his girlfriend, the singer on “Where Did I Go Wrong” says, “The way you relieve my stress is so physical/ . . . The way that you move and groove is so sexual.” “You All Dat,” one of the disc’s many party anthems, alludes to alcohol use and features a lewd proposition between a reveler and a loose woman he just met.

Summary Advisory

These days, it seems no sports fan can escape that stadium-wide rallying cry of “Who Let the Dogs Out.” The eight members of Baha (short for Bahamas) Men even sang it to open a World Series game. Their unique ethnic style blends pop, reggae, R&B, ska and “junkanoo” rhythms. It also mixes life-affirming lyrics with a few hedonistic sour notes, making this disc hard to recommend.

Bob Waliszewski
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