Who I Am


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Some great tunes about the importance of family. “You Can’t Give Up On Love” reminds spouses that “every day can’t be a honeymoon,” and takes a sober look at the fallout from divorce. “Livin’ On Love” prefers the affection of a new spouse to materialistic trappings. Jackson deems life on the road unfulfilling apart from his wife and daughters waiting at home on “Job Description.” “Song for the Life” takes pride in drinking less and enjoying life’s simple pleasures more.

Objectionable Content

Several tracks glorify irresponsible living, from rowdiness and alcohol use (“All-American Country Boy,” “Who I Am”) to drunken lust (“I Don’t Even Know Your Name”) and venting frustration by damaging property (“Hole In the Wall”).

Summary Advisory

The good is very good. Unfortunately, mixed messages on Who I Am leave young fans to wonder who Jackson really is-and which behavior is worth imitating.

Bob Waliszewski
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