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Sarah Rasmussen

YouTube Channel Review

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, pretty much everything you need to know about The Try Guys. You guessed it – the Try Guys try stuff.  

Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld are “fish out of water” guys attempting everything from baking pie without a recipe to wearing women’s underwear. They also produce series of videos in which Eugene ranks various things, Keith eats everything at a restaurant or Zach finds the best store to make his birthday cake.    

The Try Guys formed in 2014 while they were working at the media company, BuzzFeed. Back then, the three guys were accompanied by Ned Fulmer, the fourth member of The Try Guys. As their BuzzFeed days continued, the Try Guys saw greater potential for their careers and brand. So in 2018, the guys split from BuzzFeed to create their own channel. 

Since then, their brand has expanded, just as they presumably hoped. With a full production staff and a consistent posting schedule, the Try Guys seem to be succeeding, indeed.  


While the Try Guys’ videos wouldn’t be characterized as serious, some of their content can be informative. In the early days of the channel, they created a video series demonstrating the dangers of driving under the influence. While the guys made light of the substances used in the simulations, they made it clear that dangerous driving is never a laughing matter.  

The Try Guys also made a video in which they simulated a kidnapping. Although the video contains potentially triggering references to violence, it also shared important survival skills and safety tips throughout.  

Overall, the Try Guys seem to have a positive relationship with their team, and while their joking personalities are evident in their videos, so is their respect for their staff.  

In 2022, Ned was removed from The Try Guys after an affair with an employee. Obviously that situation is not positive, but the other Try Guys handled the ordeal professionally. While other YouTubers enjoy milking any drama that comes their way, the Try Guys encouraged their viewers to cease rumor spreading.   


The Try Guys will do pretty much anything in the name of comedy. From using foul language to consuming intoxicating substances to making sexual jokes. For the Try Guys, it seems that anything goes. In their videos, the guys use profanities like the f-word, the s-word, “h—” and “d–n.” And they are inconsistent as to when they censor these words.   

In several videos, the Try Guys intentionally get drunk or high to make a challenge more difficult. In fact, they did a series called “Drunk vs. High”, in which a drunk and high Try Guy competed to see who would win in games such as Operation, Pictionary and Charades. Eugene also makes jokes about his enjoyment of alcohol.  

Sexual jokes seem to be the Try Guys’ favorite form of comedy. They have numerous videos in which the guys try women’s “sexy” Halloween costumes, and, as you can imagine, the garments extenuate the guys’ anatomy. There is also a video called “Try Guys Try on Women’s Thongs” and another called “Guys Try Pole Dancing for the First Time.” In one video, the guys get male Brazilian waxes, and while they are only shown from the chest up, the guys describe the details of what’s going on below. And in the video, “The Try Guys Recreate Fan Fiction,” the guys use convenient innuendos to make some very graphic sexual references.  

Eugene is a member of the LGBT community, and he has included his boyfriend in some videos (although, they don’t display much affection for one another onscreen). The Try Guys have released Eugene’s video, “Why I’m Coming Out as Gay” and they made a video titled, “Ultimate Gay Trivia Game Challenge.” 

In the video, “Last Sandcastle Standing Wins $10,000,” one of the Try Guys mentions he plans to donate his winnings to Planned Parenthood. And in their “Without a Recipe” series, the guys jokingly get angry when they lose, often yelling and throwing food. A video features the Try Wives (the Try Guys’ partners) going to a tarot card reading.  


They say that “laughter is the best medicine,” and at times, the Try Guys gets its viewers laughing hysterically. However, from a Christian perspective, many of their jokes are in poor taste. And while their actions tend to be less controversial (and less drama-inducing) than other YouTubers, the Try Guys advocate for causes that are simply unbiblical. The profanity, substance references and sexual jokes are content concerns your family will want to consider before giving The Try Guys a try.  

Sarah Rasmussen

Sarah Rasmussen is the Plugged In intern for Summer 2023.