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Sarah Rasmussen

YouTube Channel Review

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that shelters nationwide admit approximately 6.3 million animals every year.

Rocky Kanaka is here to help the dogs in these shelters.

Kanaka can’t adopt and take home all of those dogs, of course. But he finds other ways to help. And using his platform on YouTube, Kanaka brings awareness to common shelter needs and suggests how people can help homeless animals, too.

For example, in his current series, “Sitting with Dogs,” Rocky visits shelter canines in need of homes. As he comforts and cuddles the creatures, Rocky informs his viewers about various behaviors of abandoned dogs and explains how viewers can support animals in their own communities.

In another series, “Dog’s Day Out,” Rocky brings shelter dogs on special adventures. In one episode, he takes a bulldog to the beach for the first time. In others, Rocky allows dogs to pick out their own toys and treats at pet stores.

No matter the topic, rest assured: You’re sure to encounter playful pups and gain interesting and even important knowledge about dogs in need.


Some animal-rights advocates have a tendency to focus on what humans are doing wrong. And there’s undoubtedly an appropriate reason for this. Animal cruelty should never be tolerated. But on his channel, Rocky offers a refreshing outlook on the situation. He recognizes the reality of human irresponsibility but chooses to look hopefully toward helpful solutions.

In many of his videos, Rocky shares the stories of abandoned dogs. He may lightly chide neglectful owners at times, but Rocky’s main focus is finding new homes for the animals.

Rocky encourages his viewers to get involved with their local animal shelters, and he provides realistic examples of how people can do so.

And in addition to the educational aspects in Rocky’s videos, the wagging tails of happy dogs are certainly important positives, too.


Several rescue dogs on Rocky’s channel have endured extreme cruelty and neglect. Rocky does not go into detail, but he explains that some dogs have been thrown into trash bags and locked in cages for extended periods of time. Sometimes, when Rocky sits with these dogs, he sees the effects of the abuse—like small scars, limping, and fear. What we see on the channel is not overly graphic, but some viewers might find the situations disturbing.

In the videos we watched, the only potential profanity was the word, “crud,” which Rocky uses to describe something on a dog’s fur.

Viewers may also want to note that Rocky sells merchandise in his videos, and some of the videos are sponsored by companies.


In addition to his content on the channel, Rocky’s advocacy for neglected dogs extends beyond YouTube. His Netflix show, Save Our Shelter, features Rocky’s efforts in animal advocacy. Rocky also hosts a website that features stories of homeless dogs and encourages readers to adopt them.

In all his advocating efforts, Rocky’s ultimate goal is to look out for the underdog (literally). His YouTube channel’s content concerns are minimal—unlikely to give your family (ahem) paws.

Sarah Rasmussen

Sarah Rasmussen is the Plugged In intern for Summer 2023.