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Kennedy Unthank

YouTube Channel Review

There’s a lot of video games out there—so many that you may not hear about a release until well after it’s gone live.

Unless you watch gameranx. In that case, you may just be on top of it all.

The YouTube channel has a few different narrators, but they’ve all got a common goal: “To celebrate video games, their greatness, and all they have to offer,” according to the company’s website.

To that end, the channel offers first impressions of upcoming releases in its “Before You Buy” series to help you learn about the games. It frequently uploads “Top 10” rankings, exploring all sorts of gaming genres and topics. And gameranx will also bring you gaming-related news, too, including lesser-known upcoming releases and strange gaming stories.

Positive Content

The “Before You Buy” series offers detailed reviews of soon-to-be or recently released video games. These reviews are quite balanced, and the hosts almost always find something good to say, even about games they think are bad.

Some videos provide gamers with tips and tricks that they can implement on their consoles. Others help viewers learn what new games will be releasing soon. On a similar note, a few other videos explain what sorts of gifts might be good for a gamer.

And, for gamers, some of the “Top 10” lists may just be plain fun to watch.

Content Concerns

Some videos contain thumbnails of sexually suggestive material, and some videos discuss titillating subjects, including ranking “sex scenes in video games that almost happened” and “inappropriate Easter eggs” found in games. (The latter of which reference genitalia and other sexual acts. Animated men and women in some videos can appear in little clothing.

Some games that gameranx covers contain violence, blood and gore, of course. For instance, they cover the Doom games and the zombie shooter Back 4 Blood.

We also hear some swearing, and while the f-word is censored occasionally, that’s not always the case. We also heard other swears like the s-word, “d-ck,” “a–” and more. God’s name is sometimes used in vain, including in the form of “g-dd–n.” Some of these swears can be seen in the video titles, too.

Channel Summary

The video gaming industry is a massive business—and one that continues to grow, day by day. The channel gameranx makes that ocean of games feel just a little bit smaller. But prospective viewers will need to be aware that they’ll be exposed to a veritable sea of content issues, too.

Kennedy Unthank

Kennedy Unthank studied journalism at the University of Missouri. He knew he wanted to write for a living when he won a contest for “best fantasy story” while in the 4th grade. What he didn’t know at the time, however, was that he was the only person to submit a story. Regardless, the seed was planted. Kennedy collects and plays board games in his free time, and he loves to talk about biblical apologetics. He thinks the ending of Lost “wasn’t that bad.”