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Who go into the night to save the day? The PJ Masks, of course.

By day, best friends Amaya, Greg and Connor are just your average 6-year-olds who attend school, play in the park and always, always make it home by dark. Or do they? Because by night, they morph into superheroes Owlette, Gekko and Catboy.

Sure, you’d think 6-year-olds would need their sleep. But the town needs them, too. Going up against villains such as Luna Girl and Night Ninja, the PJ Masks use their superpowers (granted to them by a crystal inside their totem pole headquarters) and high-tech pajama super-suits to save day.

Bedtime Is the Right Time to Fight Crime

What’s nice about PJ Masks is that even the dastardliest of villains aren’t all that bad. Sure, Night Ninja might insult his band of Ninjalinos, and Luna Girl clearly wants to rule the world, but as far as bad guys go, they’re pretty tame.

And the PJ Masks never have to resort to violence to stop their enemies. Gekko’s super strength is more attuned to slowing down speeding trains than beating up bad guys. And Catboy would rather use his super speed to outrun ruffians than cause them harm.

At the end of the day (or night), the PJ Masks always stop the bad guy, often offering kind words to the villains themselves in the hopes that  they will stop being so, well, villainous. And our tiny heroes usually learn a valuable lesson themselves, whether it be about teamwork, patience or just listening to instructions.PJ Masks may not inspire kiddos to go to bed on time, but at least it teaches kiddos about being kind and helping others.

Episode Reviews

“Moonfizzle Balls/Soccer Ninjalinos”

The PJ Masks stop Luna Girl from hypnotizing the town with the power of the moon. Then they use soccer to stop Night Ninja from destroying their headquarters.

Luna Girl uses a “moon magnet” to harness the power of the moon into glowing balls that hypnotize whoever they come in contact with. Her army of mind-controlled minions worship her and the moon.

Catboy accidentally hits his friends with Luna Girl’s “moonfizzle” balls after he fails to listen to their requests for him to slow down. He then has to find a way to break them from Luna Girl’s trance on his own.

We hear that the PJ Masks previously saved Christmas.

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Emily Clark
Emily Clark

Emily studied film and writing when she was in college. And when she isn’t being way too competitive while playing board games, she enjoys food, sleep, and indulging in her “nerdom,” which is the collective fan cultures of everything she loves, such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

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