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Tyrannis has a groundbreaking new idea: civilization.

And he’s declared himself ruler of the new city to be the center of civilization, Krapopolis.

Unfortunately, his family doesn’t take to the idea immediately. His siblings, Stupendous and Hippocampus, prefer powder kegs to politics. Shlub, Tyrannis’ half-human, half-manticore father, prefers amorous activities to agriculture. And Tyrannis’ goddess mother, Deliria, works to regain her spot on Olympus – despite a strained relationship with Athena.  

But after a war against a group of barbarians forces them to work together, Tyrannis’ family rallies to help him build this civilization.

Deliria is still obsessed with her godly image. And Shlub, Stupendous and Hippocampus still have their quirks as well. But Tyrannis’ family slowly begins to accept and appreciate his concept of civilization.


The title, Krapopolis, probably tipped you off to what you might expect from this show.

Like most adult cartoons, Krapopolis relies on lazy sexual jokes and bathroom humor. Occasionally, it offers sardonic commentary about society, but Krapopolis feels like a tired entry in a hackneyed genre.

For example, characters lean heavily on bathroom humor and TV-14 language, including words such as “b–ch,” “h—,” “d–k” and “a–.” There are also frequent sexual innuendos, which are always played for laughs. Characters sometimes make jokes about bestiality and necrophilia, as well.

Many gags in the Krapopolis riff off Greek mythology. While the show doesn’t seem spiritual in any way, we hear references to gods and goddesses. Sometimes these gods demonstrate their superhuman abilities by turning themselves into animals, manipulating the weather, or controlling the bodies of humans. Deliria longs for people to worship her, and some scenes involve groups of people bowing to her. One episode features the construction of her temple.

Krapopolis also employs ample cartoon violence. Characters get stabbed and shot with arrows, and blood flows freely. Some scenes feature human bodies with their innards spilling out. Perhaps the most concerning part about this cartoon violence is that it’s almost always played for laughs.

Occasionally, adult animation surprises me with the rare compelling character or valid point about human nature. Unfortunately, Krapopolis offers no such surprises. Its reliance on crude humor overshadows the infrequent attempts at higher forms of comedy.

If the Greek-themed advertisements piqued your interest for this show, take note: Krapopolis’ title provides all the necessary clues for its content quality.

Episode Reviews

Sept 24, 2023 – S1, Ep1: “All Hail the Goddess of Likability!”

While Tyrannis builds his civilization, a group of barbarians (the name of which hints at profanity) threaten to destroy it. So Tyrannis’ sister, Stupendous, and brother, Hippocampus, contrive a plan to stop the barbarians. Meanwhile, Deliria convinces the citizens of Krapopolis to build her a temple in the hopes of impressing Athena.

The episode is riddled with sexual jokes and innuendos. Citizens refer to Tyrannis as the “sexiest king alive.” Shlub makes references to his sexual relationship with Deleria, and he also makes a jocular reference to bestiality. In one scene, several characters are seen completely naked, but nothing critical is seen. Two characters kiss one another on the cheek. Some characters wear somewhat revealing animated outfits.

Violent moments take place throughout the episode. One scene involves a war in which characters bleed when pierced with swords or arrows. A character invents a bomb, which goes off and causes blood and pieces of flesh to stain the character’s clothing. In one scene, we see a severed head burning on a stake, and we hear talk about cannibals. Tyrannis mentions that he would like to kill someone.

Characters make references to gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. Several scenes involve groups of people bowing to a god or goddess, and we hear these beings discuss their appreciation of the worship. Gods and goddesses use their power to turn themselves and others into animals. Characters use phrases like “Oh my goddess” and “Zeus forbid.”

TV-14 language is scattered throughout the episode. We hear uses of “b–ch,” “d–mit,” “a–,” “slut,” “crap” and “screw you.”

There is a jocular reference to slavery. Characters employ bathroom humor throughout the episode. There is a minor reference to alcohol.

Sept 24, 2023 – S1, Ep2: “The Stuperbowl”

Tyrannis invites rulers from other cities to visit Krapopolis for an Olympic-style tournament. Although Tyrannis was hoping to propose his idea for a cooperative empire, Stupendous steals his limelight when she turns the games into a violent showdown. Meanwhile, Hippocampus invents forensic science to find a murderer in town.

Sexual references permeate this episode. Characters discuss a recipe for an orgy, and Shlub and Deliria allude to their amorous relationship. One character insinuates that he is sexually attracted to the dead bodies he studies. Several characters wear somewhat revealing outfits, and there is a brief moment in which a character does slightly sensual dance moves. There is also a crude reference to male anatomy.

A man is seen covered in blood, and it is implied that he was mauled by a bear. Characters find a dead body covered in blood with its innards spilling out. We hear a reference to cannibalism, and several characters make joking remarks about death and murder. One scene features a pile of dead human bodies, and we also see a man stab several people. During the Olympic-style games, characters hurl rocks at each other, often knocking them out.

Characters use profanity such as “h—,” “b–ch,” “a–” and “d–k.” We also hear “crap” and “screw you.”

Characters discuss Greek gods, and a goddess uses her powers to control the weather. A man mentions that he is drunk. Some characters make jokes about owning slaves.

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