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Amelia Webb, known as Mimi Webb, is a 21-year-old British singer-songwriter on the rise. She began her music career in 2020 with her single “Before I Go,” and she’s gained increasing popularity with a Gen-Z audience thanks to her TikTok account which has more than one million followers. 

Her latest chart-topper, “House On Fire,” is a catchy breakup song that comes with a harsh warning to an unfaithful boyfriend. 


Webb is clear that she will not be staying with an unfaithful boyfriend…


…but she lets him know that she’s not going to just walk away after his infidelity (“and you had your hands right under her sleeves”). Instead, she’s devised a plan to repay him in full while making sure she doesn’t get caught. 

What’s her plan you ask? Well, it’s to “make friends with the head of police” and get her story “straight down to a T” so that she can “set [his] house on fire” without anyone suspecting her. 

And if anyone does accuse her, she’ll “already be too far away” with a changed identity. 


This isn’t the first breakup song that threatens an unfaithful ex-boyfriend in a graphic way. But it doesn’t make it any less cautionary. 

The music video follows the song as Webb actually does burn down her boyfriend’s house and takes control of his “care” while at a hospital as he recovers, all the while wearing some revealing outfits. 

It’s obviously a joke, but one that is discussed in detail. And while there’s no language here to worry about, that doesn’t mean the message of this song is one you’ll want to share with your kiddos. 

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