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Rapper Lil Durk and rising country star Morgan Wallen have just teamed up to deliver a single that is soaring up the charts. And as you might expect from two such different artists, “Broadway Girls” blends country tunes with trap beats. 

No, this song isn’t about women who enjoy or participate in musical theater, in case you were wondering. Instead, it’s about Wallen and Durk both going out for a night and encountering drunk women who have every intention of having a good time–no matter who might suffer emotional damage in the process.


Wallen and Durk recognize that they should have stayed home instead of spending their evening around women they knew were “trouble”…


…But they still had to learn that lesson the hard way: “Oh, there’s two things that you’re gonna find out/They don’t love you and they only love you right now/If I was smarter, I’da stayed my a– at home.” 

Both men have discovered for themselves that these particular kinds of women are up to no good (“The town just told me, ‘don’t trust ‘em’ Broadway girls a trap.’”), but that still doesn’t seem to stop either man as they choose to stay and spend their time with women who have had a little too much to drink (“she said I’m too drunk and crazy”).


Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen’s country-rap track focuses on two men who have been taken “around and around” by women they say are up to no good. However, that doesn’t seem to stop either man from repeating poor choices. And if you watch the music video, you’ll see this play out as both men are in a club-like setting as women dance provocatively and drink around them. 

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