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Dua Lipa’s latest album, Future Nostalgia, debuted in 2020. And one of her songs from her work, “Levitating” has been floating its way to the top ever since. Now, it sits No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, pulsing with a disco-like ‘70s vibe as it delivers a message about sexual desire and viewing life as an eternal dance floor.


Guest contributor Da Baby raps, “I had to lace my shoes for all the blessings I was chasin’ (go).”


Dua Lipa makes it clear that she is attracted to the person she’s talking to (“You want me, I want you, baby/My sugarboo/I’m levitating”) and she wants to be close all night (“I got you, moonlight, you’re my starlight/I need you all night, come on, dance with me”). That closeness likely extends off the dancefloor, too, but the lyrics themselves don’t explicitly go there.

Dua Lipa also references feeling her desire “in our energy,” telling this person she feels their connection is “written in the stars.” One line in the song includes the the word “a–.” As pop songs go, it’s relatively tame, lyrically speaking. Even guest contributor Da Baby keeps things relatively PG-13, with his most problematic line implying he’s perhaps under the influence: “I’m still levitating, I’m heavily medicated.”

The video definitely adds a sensual layer to the song—though still far less so than many videos these days. A few women wear short dresses and those that reveal cleavage (or wear shorts with bikini tops). The video’s sci-fi theme reinforces the song’s message about viewing life as a neverending dance party.


It’s not hard to see—or, hear—why this song has reached the upper levels of the pop charts. It’s an earworm about dancing and partying and living without a care, one that includes some potentially suggestive references along the way. A lone profanity is the worst of it here, though the song’s hedonistic vibe is also something parents should take note of.

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