The Plugged In Show, Episode 38: Navigating the Impact of Television on Our Lives

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Since its inception, television has exerted enormous influence in the myriad ways it can influence us and shape our culture’s values. That’s arguably been even more true over the last six months or so. The unwanted arrival of COVID-19 has meant more screen time than ever for families, including opportunities to binge on TV during the lockdown.

The recent announcement of this year’s Emmy Awards nominees gives us a ready-made opportunity to consider TV’s societal influence, circa 2020. And this year, the fact that many of the shows nominated for the biggest awards carry an M-rating is something we can’t ignore. The fact is, television programing—especially on premium streaming outlets such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max—continues to get more and more explicit.

And even if your family carefully avoids the most egregious stuff that’s streaming, many popular kids shows today increasingly have worldview concerns that may still need to work through with your children.

In this week’s episode of The Plugged In Show podcast, our TV experts Paul Asay, Kristin Smith, Emily Clark and Jonathan McKee take a deep dive into this subject. We think you’ll come away from this engaging conversation with some practical ideas on how reset your family’s relationship with TV.

Adam R. Holz

After serving as an associate editor at NavPress’ Discipleship Journal and consulting editor for Current Thoughts and Trends, Adam now oversees the editing and publishing of Plugged In’s reviews as the site’s director. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children. In their free time, the Holzes enjoy playing games, a variety of musical instruments, swimming and … watching movies.