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In the beginning, the earth was perfectly balanced, just as it was created to be. But that equilibrium did not last long.

And now, an evil group known as the Arcane Order, composed of primordial demigods Bellroc and Skrael, seek to restore balance the only way they see fit: through the rise of ancient titans who have been in stasis and the annihilation of earth itself.

The trollhunter and chosen one named Jim knows this. He’s faced serious threats before. And he and his magical team of wizards, aliens and trolls have once again united forces, this time to stop The Order before it’s too late.

But they don’t have much time. They must protect The Order’s only defector and the key to its destruction, demigod Nari. And they must stop the increasing power of the dark magic before humans are wiped from the face of the earth.

Positive Elements

Jim doubts himself often, but his friends and family surround and encourage him. Jim’s mom tells him that they “never give up,” while others call out the potential that they see in him. Jim begins to gain strength and hope as he hears these words. However, he learns that no battle is meant to be fought alone and that there is strength in numbers.

A son stays by his father’s side and protects him. Aliens and humans sacrifice their lives for “the good of all.” A formerly evil wizard turns to the good side  good and helps to fight against dark magic.

Many characters learn the importance of encouragement, unity, teamwork and heroism. They also learn to work through their fears and self-doubts as “fear is but the precursor to valor.”

Spiritual Elements

Magic is used by humans, aliens, trolls and other creatures. There are many spells uttered and magical powers utilized throughout the movie from both evil wizards and good wizards. And let me tell you, the evil wizards and other villains are very creepy as they go into a trance, performing incantations, chanting and using dark magic.

The story revolves around supernatural demigods. An elderly dragon tells an evil troll that he is a “fool” for attempting to see the future and that there are reasons he does not read his own horoscope.

Sexual Content

Human Steve and alien Aja kiss “for the seventh time.” And when they do, Aja tells Steve that “seventh kiss makes baby.” At first, he thinks that means Aja is pregnant, when in fact the men become impregnated on her world.

Steve is pregnant throughout the film and before he gives birth he asks, “where do Akiridion babies come out of?” The question is never answered and we see, from afar, a man shouting “my virgin eyes!” as he helps Steve give birth to seven alien babies as blue liquid spews in all directions.

Jim and his wizarding lover, Claire, kiss and embrace a few times. Steve calls Aja his “angel ninja love muffin.”

Violent Content

For a TV-Y7 film, there sure is a lot of action, destruction and battling that takes place. Trolls, humans and wizards go toe-to-toe with swords, staffs and magical spells. Some people are knocked unconscious, choked, kicked and seriously injured. A few people die while others disintegrate. Buildings, cars, bridges and plots of land are set ablaze or destroyed as people scream and run in all directions.

Jim and an evil wizard battle to the death and Jim stabs the wizard in the stomach. Evil wizards vow to kill humans and utter other death threats.

Crude or Profane Language

Wizard Douxie calls the enemy “butt snacks” and uses the British profanity, “bloody.” Claire exclaims, “holy frijole!” Evil wizards are called “demons” and “fools.” Someone says the word “stupid.”

Drug and Alcohol Content

A group of students sing “15 bottles of beer on the wall” while on a trip, but their coach continually corrects them, saying it’s not beer but “root beer.”

Other Negative Elements

An elderly, evil troll holds many innocent trolls as slaves. Jim’s mom mentions that Jim’s father walked out on them when Jim was a baby.


Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans is the final installment from Guillermo del Toro’s Tales of Arcadia television series.

This TV-Y7 movie, found on Netflix, ties together the shows Trollhunters, 3Below and Wizards: Tales of Arcadia. If you’ve never seen these shows before, think Harry Potter meets medieval legends meets kid-aimed animation. That’s what you get not only in these TV-Y7 series, but in the film itself.

Magic, both good and evil, takes a front seat as wizards, humans and other creatures battle against one another for the preservation of mankind. This means that lessons like bravery, selflessness, sacrifice and unity are at the core of the film.

And while these are excellent lessons, you should know that magical spells are used and can be very creepy, that a man gives birth to alien babies and that battles and destruction can feel very heavy for a flick aimed at an elementary school-aged audience.

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