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Bob Waliszewski

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In The Perfect Wave, Clint Eastwood’s son Scott is Ian McCormack, an aimless surfer who impulsively decides to travel the world’s most exotic surf locations. Understandably his parents aren’t crazy about the idea, but since he just sold his car, is 24 and doesn’t need their financial help, there’s not much they can do to keep him home. With an equally impulsive friend, Greg, he heads off to Bali, Australia and South Africa—always looking for that “perfect wave.”

At least that’s what the friends tell each other. Down deep, though, Ian is looking for meaning and purpose. He just doesn’t really know it. As such, he parties and womanizes his way around the globe, and dabbles in Eastern mysticism. None of these satisfy. In fact, it’s not until a horrific accident happens that he comes face-to-face with what he’s really been searching for all along.

Based on a true story, this thought-provoking faith-based flick makes its case that drinking, one-night stands and even the exhilaration of surfing a spectacular wave can never bring the type of lasting fulfillment each of us is seeking in life. Prayer is held in high esteem. On the downside? Not much. But since a lot of scenes take place on beaches, clothing can be a bit skimpy. And while the party scenes show restraint, they’re probably not suited for the youngest of viewers.

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Bob Waliszewski