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Marcus Yoars

Movie Review

It’s only been a few weeks since FBI agent Gracie Hart became a national celebrity by thwarting a plot to ruin the Miss United States pageant in the first Miss Congeniality. But after an undercover operation is nearly botched because of her growing fame, it’s apparent that Gracie needs an assignment that won’t put her fellow agents at risk. So she’s given the task of being the new and improved face of the FBI—perfect makeup and all.

Once again Gracie transforms from the tough girl next door to a glamour girl as she goes on the talk-show circuit promoting both her best-selling book and the Bureau. Amazingly, this time, she actually embraces her sophisticated side, enjoying the diva lifestyle and allowing fame to go to her head.

Then her friend, the reigning Miss United States, gets kidnapped along with the pageant emcee in Las Vegas. So, with the hard-hitting (female) Agent Fuller at her side, she sets out to take down a new set of bad guys.

Positive Elements

Gracie and Fuller don’t like each other much, but each quickly learns to respect and appreciate the other. Along the way, they commiserate over losing parents (Fuller recalls the close relationship she had with her father), develop teamwork, risk their jobs and lives for each other (and for Miss U.S.), and even—eventually—admit that they are forming an unlikely friendship.

Gracie helps out a little girl who idolizes her, telling her to be herself no matter what others think. She encourages a classroom of kids to hold fast to their beliefs. Though it’s possibly lost in the mix of other not-so-subtle messages, Miss Congeniality 2 tries to underscore the value of individuality by showing how far Gracie ventures from her true self.

An FBI agent is commended for his honesty. Miss U.S. talks about giving elders respect and standing up to terrorism. And, of course, there’s a mention of wanting world peace.

Spiritual Elements

While undercover, Gracie suddenly gets up out of her wheelchair, pretending she’s been healed. “Praise Jesus!” she says. Her partner adds, “Praise Moses!”

Sexual Content

In the midst of getting dumped by a boyfriend, Gracie asks if her sexual performance was at fault. Then she offers to get a sex manual to help smooth things out. She later complains about not having had sex for months.

Her stylist, Joel, who accompanies Gracie everywhere, plays the clichéd “gay” fashion expert, and he hits on other men throughout the movie. When the undercover team goes into a club full of men impersonating female stars, he makes a comment about enjoying the surroundings and taking his top off. He also suggests that Gracie wear a pushup bra, to which she responds by proposing a “genital-shocking Taser gun” for him.

Several women show cleavage; one gets significant camera attention. Gracie dons a low-cut Vegas dancer costume for several scenes. She and Fuller engage in a fight while wearing revealing outfits. After tackling Dolly Parton, Gracie touches her breasts to see if they’re real. Later, an ongoing joke includes the FBI agent (and her partner) readjusting her fake breasts and complaining of needing a tampon. The movie’s outtakes include a joke about handling breasts.

Double entendres and sexual slang is used. Several comments refer to getting kicked in the groin. A joke is made about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover wearing a dress. A couple kisses. A woman is discovered to be cheating on her boyfriend.

Violent Content

An agent gets shot in the chest (he’s wearing a bulletproof vest and no blood is spilled). Several individuals are held at gunpoint, two of whom are reduced to tears as hostages. An FBI shooting simulator program is twice used; agents fire at criminals and fake blood appears onscreen. A man is dangled over the edge of a bridge. Another gets his head pounded on a barroom countertop (his forehead begins to bleed). An intense scene includes near-drownings.

While Gracie makes a point to talk about how violence doesn’t solve anything, the movie seems to think otherwise. In the name of FBI work, Miss Congeniality 2 throws in a ton of punches, kicks, pile drivers, head butts and body slams. From agents sparring to wrestling the crooks to Gracie and Fuller beating up on each other, no one’s spared from a solid elbow to the stomach or kick in the groin. Ultimately, Gracie and Fuller’s violent tendencies are “justified” against both bad guys and a few good guys, too.

Crude or Profane Language

God’s name gets misused a half-dozen or more times. Fewer than 10 (other) mild profanities can be heard. They include “h—,” “d–n” and “p-ss.”

Drug and Alcohol Content

Scenes at a saloon, casino and nightclub all show people with glasses of alcohol in hand and bottles on tables. Gracie drinks from a can of Bud Light. Joel sips a martini. His assistants decide to spend time before a flight at a bar.

Other Negative Elements

Gracie repeatedly disobeys orders (and her rebellion is later “justified” by final results). She lies about being dumped by her boyfriend. And she forces a naive agent into risking his career to help her.

A group places bets on an informal arm-wrestling contest. (The pageant emcee has a gambling addiction.) Set mostly in Las Vegas, the film shows slot machines, blackjack tables, etc.

Jokes are made about enemas. Worse, they’re also made about euthanasia.


Behind the fake eyelashes and layers of makeup, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous trumpets a makeover that’s beyond a plain-Jane FBI agent turning into a beauty queen. It’s one of the heart: Be who you are. Let your beauty shine from the inside. And stick to your guns when it comes to your beliefs, no matter what others say.

Wait … didn’t we already hear this in the original Miss Congeniality?

Yep. And themes aren’t the only things that feel far too familiar here. Movie 1: See Sandra snort while she laughs. Movie 2: See Sandra snort while she laughs. Movie 1: See Sandra get glammed up. Movie 2: See Sandra get glammed up. Movie 1: See Sandra flex her girl-power muscles. Movie 2: See Sandra flex her girl-power muscles. But hey, I guess if it works once (the original film earned more than $100 million), you might as well do it all over again—in Vegas! And why not throw in a casino full of predictable gay jokes and a few groin kicks while you’re at it.

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Marcus Yoars