From Prada to Nada

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Bob Waliszewski

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Nora and Mary are Latina siblings whose doting father dies unexpectedly. In addition to the painful loss of their dad, however, the sisters have to come to grips with now being both orphaned and penniless. Forced to leave their Beverly Hills mansion, the girls make their way to an aunt’s crowded home in East Los Angeles. And then the culture shock sets in.

Neither sister knows how to speak Spanish—in an all-Hispanic community. And their big-price-tag lifestyles have to radically change. Career-focused Nora has to bid her law student dreams goodbye and hit the classifieds for a two-bit job. And while shopaholic Mary can still keep going to school, she has to sell her Bimmer and drive to class in a beat up old Honda. Uggh! How can they possibly go on? And what horrible things can life still hold?

Based loosely on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, this frilly romantic comedy encourages viewers not to get caught up in believing that riches and designer goods will satisfy. Nora and Mary eventually find love and an appreciation for the richness of their family and cultural heritage. On the downside though, some language, pot smoking and a one night stand, all without any consequences, cross the border.

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Bob Waliszewski