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The Sleepover by Cece Bell has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine.

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When Robot arrives at Rabbit’s house for a sleepover, the structure-oriented Rabbit has everything planned. His list includes making pizza, watching TV, playing Go Fish and going to bed, in that order. Robot reviews the list and asks if they can play Old Maid or Crazy Eights as well. Rabbit refuses, as these are not on the list.

As they prepare for dinner, Robot is not interested in the many vegetables Rabbit has pulled from the fridge for his pizza. He wants nuts, bolts and screws. When Rabbit says he doesn’t have any, Robot takes the hardware from Rabbit’s table and chairs. Rabbit begins to yell and throw things, asking where they’re supposed to eat dinner now. Robot calmly prepares both his and Rabbit’s pizzas. He finds a blanket and sets up a picnic.

Rabbit is placated and moves on to item No. 2: watch TV. He insists they watch Cowboy Jack Rabbit, but begins to panic when he can’t find the TV remote. Robot tries to share important data with him, but Rabbit ignores his friend and persists in his frenzy. Robot finally makes Rabbit look in the mirror, and Rabbit sees the remote is behind his ear.

Later, they move down the list to play Go Fish. Robot is running out of steam and falls asleep. Rabbit finally realizes his friend needs more batteries. He gives Robot the batteries from the remote, and Robot is revived. After many card games, Robot is still wound up. Nevertheless, he complies with Rabbit’s wishes that they do list item No. 4: go to bed. Robot reviews the day’s data with Rabbit and shows what a good day it was, even though some things didn’t go as planned.

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