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Poppleton in Winter — “Poppleton” Series


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Poppleton in Winter by Cynthia Rylant has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. It is one of the books in the “Poppleton” series.

Plot Summary

The arrival of winter brings the daily growth of icicles on Poppleton’s house. The genial pig loves the icicles on his house and measures their growth each day, despite the warnings and pleadings from his neighbors, friends and family that the icicles might not be as wonderful as Poppleton thinks.

When a passing finch named Patrick accidentally flies into one of Poppleton’s icicles, they all come crashing down. Apologetic and eager to make amends to Poppleton, Patrick suggests they create something out of the fallen icicles. The result is a beautiful, but temporary, icy picket fence. Poppleton invites Patrick to stay for dinner and learns the value of a new friendship far outweighs his love of icicles.

Because winter always sparks creativity in Poppleton, the pig sets out to sculpt a bust of his neighbor, Cherry Sue. However to do this, he constantly needs to go knocking on her door to study her features.

Cherry Sue grows irritated and tweaks Poppleton’s nose when he comes to study her nose. She doesn’t know why he keeps bothering her. When he explains that he’s sculpting her, Cherry Sue agrees to go to his home and be his model while he works. The two friends reconcile and bond over Poppleton’s sculpture.

Later, Poppleton wants to take a sleigh ride. However each friend he calls is too busy to accompany him. To make matters worse, they are all baking something wonderful together. Disappointed, Poppleton decides to stay home alone.

The doorbell rings. There stand all of Poppleton’s friends with presents and the desserts they made, ready to celebrate Poppleton’s birthday, which he completely forgot. That evening, after the celebration ends, Poppleton and all his friends go for a sleigh ride together.

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When Poppleton’s mother visits his home, she warns him that the icicles on his house could hurt him. Poppleton dismisses her words. Several of Poppleton’s friends also advise him against keeping icicles on his house, but Poppleton chooses not to listen.

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