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Pitchers’ Duel — “Chip Hilton Sports” Series


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Pitcher’s Duel by Coach Clair Bee has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. It is the seventh book in the “Chip Hilton Sports” series.

Plot Summary

Senior Chip Hilton and his friends on the Big Reds baseball team want to win the state championship — for themselves and for their beloved coach Henry Rockwell. But a manipulative group of community members is just as eager to see them fail and to see Coach Rockwell lose his job. Chip, the coach and the team stand strong against the constant razzing and trickery of their adversaries. During the season, Chip is elected mayor-for-a-day and tries to show some of the aforementioned community leaders the error of their ways. The team’s relentless opposition fools Chip into signing an “autograph.” They then show that his signature is on a contract, which makes him ineligible to play in the big game. Though the Big Reds lose at state and Rockwell is fired, he promptly receives a job coaching at the college where five of his players, including Chip, plan to study.

Christian Beliefs

Chip gets dressed for church on Sunday morning.

Other Belief Systems


Authority Roles

Coach Rockwell, an admired leader by his team, exemplifies dignity and restraint despite constant harassment by a group of locals. Chip is a leader to his friends. His ethics, determination to put a college education ahead of a sports career, respect for his mother and coach, and his self-control on the ball field make him a laudable teenage hero. Chip’s mother supports and encourages all of her son’s undertakings, reminding him that his late father would have been proud of him. Several community authorities in the book, including the mayor, use their political clout to undermine Coach Rockwell and his team.

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