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Jack at Bat by Mac Barnett with illustrator Greg Pizzoli is in the “A Jack Book” series. Jack finally gets a chance to bat, but he may not actually know how to play baseball.

Plot Summary

There is a big game between the Lady Town Ladies and the Big City Brats. Jack is the bat boy, but he wants to be a batter. The Lady’s dog Rex is an outfielder. Rex reaches a ball hit by the Big City Brats, but Rex then runs away with it.

Jack tries to hide home plate so the Big City Brats can’t score. He is forced to put it back down. The Big City Brats get four runs.

Jack takes a nap. The Lady Town Ladies have scored nine runs. The Big City Brats have 12.

Finally, the Lady Town Ladies have bases loaded and two outs at the bottom of the ninth inning. The Lady Town Ladies call in Jack as a pinch hitter. He hits a home run, but instead of running around the bases, he runs after the umpire who is holding a box of Cracker Jacks.

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The umpire calls the strikes and balls.

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