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First Day Jitters — “Mrs. Hartwells Classroom Adventures” Series


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This book has been reviewed by Focus on the Family Thriving Family, a marriage and parenting magazine. It is in the series “Mrs. Hartwells Classroom Adventures” series. The books in this series are not numbered.

Plot Summary

Mr. Hartwell pokes his head through the doorway, urging Sarah to get up for her first day at a new school. From under the covers, Sarah says she’s not going. She already hates her new school because it will be too difficult.

Mr. Hartwell laughs and asks her what everyone will think if she isn’t there. She says they’ll think she’s lucky, and they’ll wish they were at home in bed like her. Mr. Hartwell sighs and says he wants to see her downstairs in five minutes.

Sarah, whose face is still hidden, tumbles out of bed and gets dressed. Mr. Hartwell meets her in the kitchen with breakfast and her lunchbox. Sarah’s head hurts. She says her hands are cold and clammy. As they drive to school, she feels sick and can’t breathe. Mr. Hartwell assures her she will like her new school. As they pull up, Sarah crouches in her seat.

The principal, Mrs. Burton, meets them at the car and leads Sarah through the crowded hallway. She tells Sarah not to worry because everyone is nervous on the first day. When the students are all in their seats, Mrs. Burton introduces Sarah to the class. Readers see Sarah for the first time and discover she is Mrs. Hartwell, the new teacher.

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Mr. Hartwell and Mrs. Burton both help Sarah get ready for her day and encourage her not to be afraid at her new school.

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