Vodcast: Who Got Left Out of the Plugged In Movie Awards?

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Here at Plugged In we watch a lot of movies. And once a year, Adam Holz, Paul Asay, Bob Hoose and myself all sit down and pick the ones we thought were “the best.” We unpacked those “bests” all last week as our nominations for the Plugged In Movie Awards. But choosing what makes the cut can be tough. And, inevitably, there are some that don’t make it. After all, we only get to choose five movies per category.

But this year we wanted to give you the scoop on our process. Narrowing down our choices is really tricky. There are so many factors that go into why a movie is selected—and why it’s not.

So, if you’re wondering why some movies didn’t make the cut, or perhaps why some were in the “wrong” category, you can now hear us explain our logic—or lack thereof. Happy viewing!