Vodcast: What’s Up With the New Oscars Category?

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I’m a sucker for traditions. Growing up, we didn’t have many of them, and now that I have my own family, we love creating our own. I love Christmas for that very reason. Every year my husband and I decorate our tree while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Michael Bublé. It’s magical.

Most of us love traditions. They’re familiar. They’re comfortable. Maybe that’s part of the reason why, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences announced some changes to its Oscar telecast, some people had some pretty mixed feelings.

Some of those changes aren’t so controversial, especially when it comes to keeping the notoriously long telecast to three hours. But one change has gotten quite a bit of attention: The Oscar’s new category, “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film.”

People across the country have chimed in with their opinions as to whether the new category is a good or bad thing.  Will it detract from the “high art” of filmmaking? Will it include more family-friendly films? What qualifies as a “popular film” anyway? So Adam, Paul and I toss our own opinions into the mix,  sharing our thoughts on the implications of future change.