The Plugged In Show, Episode 35: The Enduring Appeal of War Movies

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War is among the most terrible of human experiences. And yet, the struggles that vast armies and individual soldiers face in combat has been the stuff of epic stories as far back as we have written records. War is horrible, yet we cannot look away from it.

Perhaps that helps to explain appeal of war movies. It’s a genre that shows no signs of fading, with new cinematic stories coming out continually. Whether they chronicle conflicts from long ago or skirmishes as current as our headlines, war movies document critical historical moments and explore themes of courage and fear, sacrifice and loss. These stories poignantly—at times graphically—remind us of the price paid by the men and women who fight for their country.

So in this episode of The Plugged In Show, our staff unpacks these themes a bit more as we talk about the enduring appeal of this unavoidably violent genre of film.