Presenting Plugged In’s Family Movie Nights Discussion Guide

My kids got out of school yesterday. They’re thrilled! Mom and Dad? We’re, um … thrilled?

Summer is obviously a fantastic season for families to spend more time together. But sometimes, if we’re honest as parents, we can run low on activity ideas.

So we have one for you: Our Summer 2018 Family Movie Nights Discussion Guide, now available for PDF download for free by providing an email address.

We’ve chosen three films, Coco, Wonder and Black Panther for your families to potentially watch and discuss together. (Our selection of these movies is not intended as an implicit endorsement of any of them. Be sure to check out our full reviews before you dive in with your family.) As you might have guessed, our Black Panther discussion is aimed at families with older teens, while our guides for Coco and Wonder are intended for families with slightly younger children. And each of Movie Night comes with a fun snack recipe to make your evening even more fun.

Our goal with the Family Movie Nights Discussion Guide is to help you, as parents, model what growing in discernment looks like as it relates to movies. Each of these discussions will help you focus on worldview themes, and they complete with discussion questions and biblical references to look up together as a family. Our Movie Night for Coco, for example, models thinking critically about a colorful Pixar film that nevertheless has some pretty big worldview issues to contend with.

We hope that our Summer 2018 Family Movie Nights Discussion Guide can be a fun and constructive way for you and your family to grow together in discernment as you actively engage with some of the ideas and issues presented in these popular films.