Endgame Escapes Detective Pikachu

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Detective Pikachu came to catch ‘em all—all of us moviegoers, that is. But let’s face it: No matter how cute the little electric rascal might be, and no matter how many volts it packs in that strange little tail of his, Pikachu ultimately fainted before the might of Avengers: Endgame.

For the third-straight week, Endgame topped all challengers, reigning once again as the weekend’s Machamp. Sure, maybe it’s not raking in $300 million like it used to. But it sure isn’t Slaking, either. Its $63.1 million weekend (in North America, of course) was still more than enough to float, like a Drifloon, to No. 1.

Obviously, Endgame remains 2019’s biggest movie. And now, with its total stateside tally ringing up at $723.5 million, it’s the third highest-grossing movie ever, domestically speaking—trailing only Avatar ($760.5 million) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.7 million.) Worldwide, the figures are even more impressive. With nearly $2.5 billion in its international coffers, it’s knocking on Avatar’s $2.8 billion record. Will it pass Avatar, internationally speaking? Well, earning another $300 million isn’t exactly inevitable. But it’s got more than a 14 million-to-one shot, that’s for sure.

Oh, and for those wondering if the age of the cinematic superhero is coming to close, try this on for size: We’ve seen 19 weekends come and go in 2019 thus far. Eleven of those weekends have been topped by superhero movies (Aquaman, Glass, Captain Marvel, Shazam! and, of course, Endgame). Moviegoers, assemble!

But weep not for the Mewest—er, newest contender to fall to Endgame. Detective Pikachu earned $58 million, the highest opening ever for a movie based on a video game. The Pokémon flick’s Metagross was enough to Cloyster it into second place—perhaps not quite in the Lapras of luxury, but still enough to give the box office a little Jolteon.

Another newcomer, The Hustle, grifted its way into third place with a $13.5-million take. That pushed The Intruder down to fourth ($6.6 million). The Seth Rogen comedy Long Shot closed out the top five with $6.1 million. It’ll be a long shot for it to stay there, too.

Geriatric cheerleader flick Poms finished just outside the top five, with $5.1 million. Gimme an “O”! Gimme a “U”! Gimme a “C”! Gimme an “H”! What’s that spell? Yep, you got it: ouch.

Still, Poms performed better than Tolkien, the quiet biopic about the Lord of the Rings author. It finished ninth, with less than $2.2 million. Perhaps people assumed the whole film would be in high elvish.