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Kristin Smith

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Becoming a knight in a magical land is tricky business. That’s why anyone who’s really interested must first be a not-so-knight. It doesn’t sound glamorous, but it sure is necessary.

A not-so-knight, in case you’re wondering, is someone who seeks to become a knight but needs a lot of practice before they’re dubbed a chevalier. They need to practice things like saving damsels in distress, warding off wily witches and destroying dangerous dragons.

Sir Cedric completed all those tasks ages ago. He grew up as a young pumpkin farmer with big dreams; dreams that couldn’t be contained by a pumpkin field. So he pursued the path of a “not-so-knight” and eventually, with hard work and determination, he entered the ranks of nobility

But all that action was years ago. Now, Cedric is married to Prince Andrew, and together, they are raising their 10-year-old adopted daughter, Nia.

Full of spunk and spice, Nia is actually the bravest member of her little family, and she has her sights set on becoming a knight, just like her dad. Of course, she too must start from the beginning. And with the help of dads Cedric and Andrew, and their troll friend, Grunt, Nia learns through Cedric’s stories and experiences just what it means to be brave.

A Few Brave Knights

Based on Daniel Errico’s children’s book The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, this Hulu original animated series offers strong lessons in what it means to be brave and honorable—but obviously it comes with some problems.

Each 12-minute episode typically begins with fearless Nia, eager to learn something new, and dad, Cedric, teaching Nia the do’s and don’ts of knighthood by sharing his personal tales (which are played out as flashbacks). Through them, Nia learns that it’s wrong to stereotype and best to love others. She also learns how to solve problems, to have patience and to always try her best.

But while Nia learns a great deal from her parents—especially from Sir Cedric—they’re, of course, both dads. This alone will be deeply problematic for parents who are uncomfortable with the underlying messages the show offers.

Viewers also hear the occasional use of the word “heck,” are exposed to the occasional lie (though lying is not condoned) and deal with some bad attitudes.

Episode Reviews

June 21, 2019: “Cedric & the Troll”

Cedric tells Nia of a time when he met his troll friend, Grunt, and together they outsmarted a witch.

Young Cedric and Nia learn how to make wise judgement calls and to not use stereotypes. A few villagers run around in chaos when they learn that villains have escaped from fairy jail. A large, scary troll intimidates a young troll. A scary witch laughs victoriously as she holds a young not-so-knight captive.

June 21, 2019: “Cedric & the Green Leaf”

Cedric tells Nia of a time he nearly won in a jousting tournament.

Cedric teaches Nia that she doesn’t have to put up with bullies and to never underestimate an opponent while jousting. A few people fall and get hurt during a jousting tournament. A troll says that stealing, for his kind, is a gray area. A few kids lie.

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