TV Show
The Unicorn

This CBS show can look and feel pretty impressive at times. But it is not exactly pure.

TV Show
The Great Indoors

CBS’s new workplace sitcom pits Joel McHale against a cadre of sheltered Millennials. The result is sometimes funny, frequently tired …

TV Show

CBS’s military drama encourages us to applaud these elite heroes. But the sex and violence we see isn’t as praiseworthy.

TV Show
Veronica Mars

Back for a second season, UPN’s ‘Veronica Mars’ chronicles the life of an oh-so-clever high school student out to do …

Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 2
TV Show
Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Disney Channel’s latest kids show brings a bit more drama and darkness to the narrative table than we’re used to …

Solar Opposites season 3
TV Show
Solar Opposites

Though these witty aliens can’t agree on how great Earth is, they can all agree to act in morally decrepit …

TV Show

Amazon Prime gives us this–a weirdly righteous, wildly violent rebel–without good cause.

TV Show

Shows about zombies have been popular for a while now. But what about a show that’s something of a zombie …

The Upshaws season 2
TV Show
The Upshaws

The Upshaws might be trying to work on their family, but that doesn’t mean this series will make the cut …

man sitting on a couch
TV Show
Mr. Corman

Josh Corman doesn’t like his life very much. And we don’t like this show very much, either.