Million Dollar Arm

At least the flick does eventually find its way ’round all the right bases. It crosses home plate with a …

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

At the center of the story is aging New York City insurance investigator CW Briggs, a whiny, paranoid, gambling, skirt-chaser.

Parental Guidance

Plugged In is all about parental guidance. Hollywood typically isn’t. So we were pretty curious about what would happen onscreen …

Hearts in Atlantis

If Alfred Hitchcock was correct when he said that “style” is merely self-plagiarism, no one may have a better case …

Ring the Bell

At first glance, this small, intimate pic seems focused on baseball, apple pie and a town full of quirky characters. …

Baseball Saved Us

Baseball helps a young Japanese American fit in around the events of World War II.

The Hardy Boys season 2
TV Show
The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys are back for a second season and a second mystery more grittier than the last.

Billy: The Early Years

He’s an globally famous evangelist and has been spiritual adviser to 10 U.S. presidents. This movie’s not interested in that, …


More than three decades later, folks are still not asking home inspectors to check for nearby cemeteries full of angry, …

American Sniper

Clint Eastwood turns his laser-like focus toward a real-life war hero named Chris Kyle—and the price he paid to become …