Summer Catch

This movie serves up baseball about as well as a New York diner does grits. Baseball here is merely a …

The Rookie

A decade’s worth of West Texas dust had settled on Jimmy Morris’ dreams of pitching in the big leagues.

Major League Baseball 2K10

The grass is starting to green. The temps are beginning to rise as dandelion seeds long for a handy breeze. …


Brad Pitt steps into the cleats of Billy Beane, a failed baseball player looking for redemption as an Oakland A’s …

Everybody Wants Some!!

This ode to the early ’80s that takes its title from a Van Halen song is really all about perpetually …

one of us is lying tv show
TV Show
One of Us Is Lying

When it comes to One of Us Is Lying, the truth is no one should be watching.

Baseball Saved Us

Baseball helps a young Japanese American fit in around the events of World War II.

The Final Season

A teeny-tiny high school with a big baseball legacy desperately tries to tally one last championship.

Trouble With the Curve

Scouting for the major leagues is a complicated science of facts and feelings. Being a dad is sorta that way …


Hardball strikes out trying to depict the trials and inspirations of Chicago’s inner-city Near North Little League.