Summer Catch

This movie serves up baseball about as well as a New York diner does grits. Baseball here is merely a …

A baseball coach kneels and prays at home plate.
Running the Bases

In Running the Bases, a young baseball player grapples with grief and doubt as he gradually learns to trust God …

The Rookie

A decade’s worth of West Texas dust had settled on Jimmy Morris’ dreams of pitching in the big leagues.

A League of Their Own s1
TV Show
A League of Their Own

A League Of Their Own tells the story of women who wanted to play baseball in the 1940s–while redefining their …


Brad Pitt steps into the cleats of Billy Beane, a failed baseball player looking for redemption as an Oakland A’s …

Everybody Wants Some!!

This ode to the early ’80s that takes its title from a Van Halen song is really all about perpetually …

The Final Season

A teeny-tiny high school with a big baseball legacy desperately tries to tally one last championship.

The Benchwarmers

John Heder, Rob Schneider and David Spade star in a sports movie that might just replace steroids as baseball’s greatest …


The number 42 is actually more than just the answer to life, the universe and everything. It is also a …


Hardball strikes out trying to depict the trials and inspirations of Chicago’s inner-city Near North Little League.