Listen to Our Newest Podcast and Hear About Non-Screen Activities to Do With Your Kids

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You can spend too much time with screens.

OK, so this isn’t exactly breaking news. Plugged In’s been saying this for years. But with so many of us still semi-sequestered in our homes during this strange, strange time, many of us are beginning to feel the truth of those words. You can only binge so many shows or watch so many movies or play so many video games before the sheer weight of them all grabs your psyche and starts pulling it down.

And while many parents understandably relaxed some of their screen-time rules in March and April, lots of moms and dads are probably looking for ways to pry little Bobby and Susie away from their phones and tablets and televisions to engage in, y’know, the real world.

If you’re one of those moms and dads, do I have great news for you. Our latest podcast—hot and fresh out of the broadcasting oven—is all about activities you can do with your families that don’t involve screens.

Our eclectic team walks you through a bevy of potential options, from reading to board games to who-knows-what-else. (One of my favorite family activities, especially this time of year, is taking a long hike in the Colorado mountains with the kids. Nothing better than walking and talking about what’s important to them.)

So if you find that you and your family have maxed out on screen time, take a listen. Our team always has fun when we chat, and hopefully you’ll have fun, too. You can find the latest podcast by clicking here.

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