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Lying Liars and the Lies They Lie

I’m still ruminating over The Invention of Lying, Ricky Gervais’ new comedy. I saw it last night and it was, um, not quite what I

The Power of Film

Just ran across an interesting Q&A-style interview with Ken Burns, one of the United States’ best-known documentary filmmakers. He opened himself up to questions from

Way Out West

Rapper Kanye West made a fool of himself at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards by jumping onstage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, grabbing the

Television: A Graying Media?

The Emmys were awarded last night. And, even though I review a lot of TV for Plugged In, I didn’t watch them. I felt a

I Want to Be a Pip

I’ve always liked Gladys Knight. I don’t know why, exactly. Maybe it’s because her voice is just so cool. Maybe it’s because “Midnight Train to

9 Lives

My review of 9, the Tim Burton-produced animated apocalypse, is now up on the main Plugged In site. The film is more haunting parable than

When Demons Go Viral

At play practice one night when I was a high schooler in the late ’80s, some friends broke out a Ouija board. Though I’d grown

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