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Taking a Bite Out of Tourism

I saw a piranha in Nebraska once. Granted, the fish in question—safely ensconced in a friend’s dorm room—subsisted entirely on Cheetos, old test papers and

Keep It Short, Pastor

I just read about a guy on a quest that seems almost as daunting as the rich man’s challenge to thread a needle with his

Sliding the Chute to Incivility

Steven Slater. Hundreds of thousands of people seem to approve of this former flight attendant for losing his temper and cursing out passengers on a

It’s All About Celebrity, Dahling!

She’s famous for being famous—a minor actress who paved her way to celebrity through reality television, gossip rags and a touch o’ scandal. She’s been


Let me make a confession: I kinda like media and technology. I work with it, I play with it, I write about it for a

The Age of Technology

The New York Times recently posted an article about mothers and technology, using a study from Parenting magazine and a woman’s social media Web site

Talk to Me, Baby!

Just in case you were looking for another generational bone of contention between baby boomers and millennials, here it is: the common telephone. Cell phone,

Movie Monday: The Other Guys

Salt couldn’t do it. Dinner With Schmucks couldn’t do it. But, after three weeks on top of the box office, a couple of Other Guys

The Eyes of Facebook Are Upon You

It looks like there’s another way that Facebook is serving mankind: By helping fix traffic problems in India. Hey, don’t underestimate the little social network

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