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Good-Bye Jack, and Jack, and Jack

So long, Jack. See ya, Jack. Sayonara … um, Jack. On Sunday and Monday, broadcast television will bid adieu to three landmark television shows, all

Glossing Over Childhood

One of the 12-year-old junior high girls I work with at church has 27 tubes of lip gloss—and counting. I am not kidding. She had

The Human Nature of iHobo

Hobo. This now politically incorrect term—once commonly used to refer to the homeless—hasn’t seen much daylight since back when my grandfather was dropping coins into

Media Names the Babies?

When I was born, the name Meredith was so unusual that people, when they heard it, looked at my mother funny. One older woman scrunched

Movie Monday: Iron Hood

Did you really think that a handful of arrows would be enough to puncture the greatest suit of armor ever? Robin Hood opened this weekend

Jack Jumps Over the Torture Shtick

From the beginning I’ve watched 24. Most of the time it’s been a Plugged In project—to keep tabs on a show that was pushing torture

The Ultimate Rescue Mission

Acknowledging that a popular song, movie or TV show contains an element of “big-T” Truth is not the same as endorsing the entire product. Makes

Miss USA Gone Wild

Once upon a time, the “only” skin  beauty pageant contestants had to show was during the swimsuit competition. I put “only” in quotes, of course,

Where’s That Horn to Toot?

Somewhere between the release of Miley Cyrus’ racy new video and Iron Man 2′s $128 million weekend, Plugged In learned it won the Evangelical Press

Movie Monday: Iron Man 2

Don’t mess with a guy in a metal suit. Iron Man 2 clanked to the top of the box office this weekend, blasting its way

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