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Disney’s Crash Course in Celebrity

Perhaps inspired by the exploits of Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and others over the past year, Disney now requires all its up-and-coming young stars to

Rocking the Boat

So, I just finished writing my review of Pirate Radio (don’t look for it right away, though — the movie doesn’t come out until Nov.


If you look at Plugged In‘s home page “rotator” today, you’ll notice a big picture of a candle grasped between two fingers. It’s a pretty

Miley Worse Than Britney?

What would Hannah Montana say? Reigning teen queen Miley Cyrus has been named as the “worst celebrity of the year” by the readers of AOL’s

Reason in a Godless Subway

We all know that today’s media, in its many forms, can impact society. That’s what the whole premise of advertising is based on, after all.

Snowstorm Snickering

A couple of days ago, Adam Holz wrote a post called “When Weather Attacks.” So I’m blaming him for the winter storm that dumped a

Law, Order & Abortion

Here’s a pop quiz on the subject of abortion: Where do you think the following quotes come from? “I grew up thinking Roe v. Wade

When Weather Attacks

Once upon a time, if you were a cable or satellite subscriber, you could rely on staid, utilitarian information outlets such as The Weather Channel

A Dulling Saw?

The weekly box office wrap-up is one of the most-discussed but, really, most-misleading pulse points for our culture. Every week, media outlets across the land

Axl Rose Meets Jesus?

I’m wrestling with something. A couple of weeks ago, an acquaintance said that her Denver-area church had sung the Guns N’ Roses’ hit “Paradise City”

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