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Oh, Brothers

It was the same ol’, same ol’ at the box office this weekend, with The Blind Side trading places with The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Movies Made Me Do It!

It’s a funny thing how watching movies can give you ideas you might not have had otherwise. Even if, perhaps, you’re old enough to know

Boston Teen Party

Kids are stepping it up in Boston. A panel of 14 teens recently started pointing to some contemporary music and telling their peers, “watch out

Guessed List?

Last week, Virginia couple Tareq and Michaela Salahi allegedly crashed a state dinner in honor of India’s prime minister. The Salahis—who also are said to

A Knuckle Sandwich to Chew On

Plugged In has passed the halfway point in my 584-part series on film and faith (well, it seemed that long while I wrote it), and

Power to the People

We tried. We really tried to keep this blog an Adam Lambert-free zone in the wake of his American Music Awards appearance Nov. 22. But

Star Pressure

A while back I spouted a bit about director Roman Polanski, his 30-year-old sex crimes, and the celebrities who rallied together demanding that he be

Blinded by the ‘Twilight’

Leave it to a vampire to drain us of our discretionary income. Recession? Pish. The Twilight Saga: New Moon powered to a staggering $140.7 million

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