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April 20, 2015

"[Actor Charlie] Cox's Daredevil is no saint. He breaks bones. He uses excessive force. He almost murders a man. But what stops him from going too far are not wise words from an Uncle Ben—like character or a sacred oath made at the graves of his murdered parents; it's his faith."

Charles Moss, writing for Slate, regarding Netflix's take on the troubled Marvel superhero. Daredevil's Catholic faith is historically rooted in the comics, particularly a 1986 story arc called Born Again, written by legendary comic writer Frank Miller. "[Daredevil's] been the character I punish for all my mistakes and sins," Miller said in a DVD documentary connected with the 2003 film Daredevil. "Because he really is a flawed hero, in that he's a man who intends to do good and causes much damage. Matt should have been a villain. He had a horrible childhood, his romantic life was the worst … but somehow he redeems himself and moves ahead. He just doesn't give up."

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