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Drama, Action/Adventure
Billy Unger as Billy Stone; Sammi Hanratty as Allie; James Hong as Faleaka; Jansen Panettiere as Huko; Mark Dacascos as Cobra; William Corkery as Anui; Alex Kendrick as Daniel
Bill Muir
In Theaters
March 1, 2013
On Video
August 27, 2013
Bob Waliszewski
The Lost Medallion

The Lost Medallion


In the movie The Lost Medallion nice guy Daniel is cornered into telling some orphan kids a story. The only problem is, he doesn't know any good ones. So he decides to make up a tale on the spot, using traits of the young orphan kids themselves. He weaves a fantastic yarn of a junior adventurer named Billy who comes upon a lost medallion that's imbued with great magical power. In fact, it's so powerful that Billy accidentally wishes himself and his best friend Allie 200 years back in time to when the medallion was first lost.

The people of that age quickly recognize the artifact and want to make Billy their king. But this isn't going to be a cushy gig for the young boy. There's another young would-be king in the tribe. And he's none too happy about this interloper. Not only that, but an evil warlord named Cobra wants to get his mitts on that powerful medallion and enslave everyone. Will Billy and Allie be able to beat the bad guy? Will Daniel's story connect with his orphaned listeners and teach some solid lessons? Only time will tell.

This tween-focused flick does indeed have some solid things to say about facing your fears, making good friends and taking steps to shape your future. It even speaks of God's love and hand in our lives. There are a few villainous tense moments in the mix, but the overall outcome is fun.